Bell Ord Forrest

by reaches

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Pillow Talk 04:43


on Joyful Noise Recordings.

Crawling out from the dregs of Chicago, I Love You offers up a wild amalgamation of dub, noise, punk and African pop with its latest album, Bell Ord Forrest (Joyful Noise). Opening single “The Colloquialism Is Simply ‘Gas’” hypnotizes listeners with an infectious bass line and pulsating drums only to disintegrate into mountains of fuzz, dissonant skronks and manic shouts in the end. I Love You’s toe-tapping grooves, combined with untamed noise, will guarantee to make any listener get out on the dance floor or just ingest a large pile of drugs. Magnet Magazine

The sense of legitimate, fresh tinkering-for-the-sake-of-tinkering and corner-of-the-sandbox fun here is genuine-Tiny Mix Tapes

"It's a little surprising to realize that things like the Load Records coterie and Andrew W.K. have been around long enough to become influences on later bands, but I Love You -- no relation to the failed hair-metallish band of the early '90s -- demonstrate this readily enough in both their sweat-soaked scraggly-haired image, and in their rough-sounding party music that's more electronic than rock & roll, per se, though guitars and feedback are present nonetheless. (At one point it almost results in something that could have been a lost Batcave club track from London 1983, thanks to the early U2-isms crossed with near Sex Gang Children-level wailing.) The semi-sneer/semi-chant vocals are mostly incomprehensible by design, but as the music takes precedence throughout, it all seems to make sense on that front." -All Music Guide


released August 21, 2009


all rights reserved


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